Mar 25, 2012

Steakhouse Porterhouse Steak

Publix has Porterhouse steaks on sale this week for $7.99/lb.  That saves you $3.50/lb so plan to make this recipe at least once this week – it is amazing!

The recipe calls for a Prime cut of meat, but I’ve found the Choice cuts at Publix are still amazing when made this way. 
This is one of those times I think I am better off not knowing what I don’t know!  I’m afraid if I try the Prime cut I won’t be able to go back!  Then I would have to cut way back on my Porterhouse eating and that wouldn’t be good!  Well, I guess it would be good for my health, but my taste buds would be very sad – and we just can’t have that!

I adjusted this recipe to serve 2.  Instead of a 4lb Porterhouse, I get about a 1.5- 2 pounder.
I look for the thickest cut with lots of marbling. Marbling = Flavor folks so it is worth the effort to search for the best looking cut!

Sprinkle the meat with a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of sugar.  Toss on pepper to your liking and then cover it and put in the fridge overnight.  Let those seasonings work their magic all night long…all night….all nigh...  Oh sorry I got distracted with the song. Back to the recipe… 

I take the steak out of the fridge about noon the next day to let it come to room temperature.  Yes, it sits on the counter for hours.  We keep our house around 79 degrees, so it takes time for the meat to warm to room temperature.  This will vary depending on how warm (or cold) your home is.
Cooking your meat at room temperature ensures more even cooking throughout

Heat a large pan over fairly high heat and add a thick slice of bacon!  I really like the Publix brand Thick Sliced Bacon – that is some good bacon!  Allow the fat to render and then throw on your steak and let it CARAMELIZE!

Because I am working with a smaller cut than what Michael (like how I feel I am on a first name basis with him...) suggests in his recipe, I only let the steak cook for about 3 minutes.  If it is a very thick cut I might go a little longer.  After about 3 mins, flip that baby over and add a tablespoon of butter, a ½ a head of garlic along with some fresh oregano (1/2 tablespoon works well) to the pan.  Be sure to use FRESH oregano – the dry stuff is just nasty!  Once you try the fresh oregano, you’ll throw out that dry stuff never to buy it again!  It’s true.
Cook for another 3 mins and then remove from heat to a cutting board.  Let the steak rest for about 10 mins.  Then check the temp with an instant read digital thermometer.  If you don’t have one – get one! You can pick one up on the cheap just about anywhere. 

If the steak reads 120 degrees you are done! Slice it up and enjoy all of its tender, juicy goodness!  If it’s not quite up to temperature after resting for 10 mins then you can slice it and put it in the preheated 450 degree oven for just a minute or 2. 
Watch it closely!
Overcooking makes me sad and, again, we just can't have that.

While the steak is resting you can mix up the garlic butter as stated in the recipe.  I tried it once, but honestly this steak is so good we didn’t feel the roasted garlic butter added anything. Which is strange if you know of my love affair with garlic.

You can serve this with just a salad and be ever so happy.  I really LOVE the Publix brand Caesar Dressing - try it!  It is downright tasty!

Now if you want to be in sheer bliss you would serve this with garlic smashed yukon gold potatoes and sauteed fresh baby spinach with (what else) garlic!  Go ahead and serve that spinach right on top of those potatoes - it is a taste sensation!  

If you like wine try pairing this with Kendall Jackson's Pinot Noir 
- it is quite tasty and goes nicely with most meats!
...and just about anything really - even by itself! It is gooood!! 

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