Aug 23, 2012

August 23rd - August 29th

Well - summer 2012 is over and this mom is boohoo-ing

Tomorrow Madison and I make the familiar trek back to Savannah to move her into her new place for her 2nd year of college.  Seriously, how can this be??  Where the heck did the 1st year go??  Time is going by way too fast!  If you have children - do yourself a favor and slow things down - enjoy them while they are home, because they'll be spreading their wings before you know it

What a great summer it has been having her home - I am going to miss her terribly...again

I remember leaving her in Savannah last year for the very first time - it was awful! I cried most of the way home. Shoot I'm tearing up now just thinking about it (sigh). Luckily Don was there to do all the driving, but this time he has to stay home because of work. I am going to somehow  have to manage making my way west on I-16 without the tears clouding my vision - unless someone wants to tag along as my driver...any volunteers?? (big grin). Really, though, it should be easier this time around seeing as I know she can survive without us and still do a great job - she's a great kid, and I couldn't be more proud! Now the question is WHEN will I make my way home?

There is a hurricane on its way to FL...his name is Isaac. Right now the weather forecast shows we will get some pretty bad weather on Monday. I am hoping it speeds up a bit and affects us on Sunday - that will give me a good excuse to stay in Savannah for 1 more night.  If not - I'll have to make my way home on Sunday to avoid the bad weather.  Come on Issac! Do me a favor and pick up the pace a little would ya??

Because I'll be away from home enjoying some awesome Savannah goodies, I don't have a menu or shopping list planned.  I do have some suggestions though. There are some great sales at Publix this week, so be sure to take advantage of them - eat at home and see how much time and money you can save!

If you like to go out for a yummy steak, but don't like paying the big bucks you can make your own at home.  Publix has Boneless New York Strip Steaks on sale this week for just 7.99/lb!!  This is a great price. I love to make steaks at home - they are always so much better than what I can get at a restaurant, and I save a bundle! Try this recipe for your New York Strip - pair this with an easy salad or make your favorite sides

Also on sale are Center Cut Pork Rib Chops for just $3.49/lb!  One of our favorite (easy) meals is Margarita Pork Chops.  Find the recipe on this page. Just scroll down to Sunday. Be sure to plan to make the marinade the day before, so they can sit in it a long time! yummmmm - pair this with an easy salad or make your favorite sides

Another easy idea for this week is Publix whole turkey subs - they are on sale for 4.99 this week! That is a really good deal and BONUS - no dishes to do!! Kettle Brand chips are on the BOGO free sale too and OMgoodness Flipz Chocolate Covered Pretzels are BOGO free TOO! I have been craving some white chocolate Flipz! They are soooo addictive - I will be picking some up for the drive!

Fresh salmon is also on sale this week at Publix. I am not much of a salmon eater, but I have heard great things about this recipe - Maple Salmon. If you like salmon pick some up for just $4.99 each

If you are in the mood for some Philadelphia style cheese steaks, then take advantage of the boneless chuck roast on sale for $3.99/lb. Slow Cooker Cheese Steaks are easy to make and delicious! The recipe calls for tri-tip, but the chuck roast will work too.

Have a great week - remember to 'hunker down'!! I hope the lights stay on and everyone stays safe and dry as Isaac passes by! If you happen to get some time off work due to the storm try to remember to enjoy the extra time with your family - it's a great time to break out some board games and play with the kiddos!


  1. Darn...Libby and I would have gone with you just to check out the school! Have a great safe trip, girls!

    Guess what is in the slow cooker? Yep. Rootbeer it a try! Making some slaw as I type!

    1. Oh my goodness! If she is interested in the school you HAVE to come with me sometime. I'm sure we'll be making the trip again in a month or so for a horse show! We will have some FUN!

      Enjoy your dinner! Let me know how you like it!


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