Oct 12, 2012

October 12th - October 17th

ahhhhhh..... Fall 

Scroll down for my weekly menu and shopping list

I was having a rough couple of days and needed a distraction...

So I dragged out my Fall decorations....

and got to work... 

I am also tired of the heat
so I thought I could pretend the weather was getting cooler...
although the unbearable heat and humidity the day I decided to do this made it difficult to pretend

this was a great distraction! It made me feel so much better...and now the weather really is starting to show signs of getting cooler! YAY!

My little buddy wasn't feeling well, so he had to go to the doctor :(.  He has antibiotics for an infection and is going back for a recheck in a couple weeks

Weekly menu

Friday - BBQ  Chicken Crescents with a salad
Thursday - Steak and Salad
Sunday - Roasted Chicken (prep day before and refrigerate) with Cauliflower Mash, and Fresh steamed green beans
Monday - Burger and Fries (note: I've made these burgers lots and they are delish, but I omit the red pepper flakes because the first time I made them my lips burned! so add them at your own risk)
Tuesday - leftovers
Wednesday - leftovers

Buns for burgers

Yukon Gold Potatoes
1 Medium sized Cauliflower
Green Beans (on sale for 1.49/lb)
Fresh Express Salad (BOGO Free sale)
2 onions

Cheddar Cheese (at least 1 cup)
Cream Cheese
4 slices Swiss cheese

Onion Powder
Honey Mustard
Garlic Powder
Brown Sugar
White Pepper
Cayenne Pepper
black pepper

3 (8 oz) Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls (on sale 3 for $6)
BBQ Sauce (I use Sweet Baby Ray's Sweet and Spicy)
mini chocolate chips (1/2 cup)
Confectioner's sugar

1 lb ground beef
2 Roaster Chickens (Publix on sale for $1.29/lb)
1 package bone in skin on chicken breasts (roast up for the bbq crescent rolls)

NOTE: I am also making Chocolate Filled Crescents and Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwiches this week as part of my allrecipes.com Brand Ambassador activities, so the ingredients I need for these are on this list.


  1. I do believe I feel a little fall in the air! I, myself, will be floating in the pool since it is NOT raining!

    1. I hope you were able to get lots of pool time in before the rain. I am tired of the rain! I was pulling out of the driveway today and thinking "Finally, we are drying out!" and then it rained...again... (sigh)


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