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Hi y'all! I'm Marion, the chief cook, bottle washer, recipe developer, photographer, writer, social media crazy person, and founder of Life Tastes Good. I'm also the wife of the luckiest man in the world <wink>, and mom to our amazingly talented, gorgeous, kind, generous, sweet daughter. She takes after me, of course, and is the reason I started this blog.

After devoting 18 years to that beautiful child of mine, Madison, our daughter, grew up to be an ambitious young woman and took off for college out of state leaving her very proud parents with a very empty nest. Although I knew the day was coming when we would leave her alone in a strange city far, far away, I wasn't prepared for it. Not in the slightest! It felt like that day I left her at kindergarten all over again, only a million times worse! I couldn't sit in the parking lot waiting for school to be over! Note to moms who don't want to leave their baby with a stranger on the first day of kindergarten, the school principal might mistake you for a creepy person and ask you to leave. I'm not saying that happened to me, but you know, just looking out for ya. I'm nice like that <wink>

So what's a mom to do when her only baby leaves her to start building an amazing life? Cook and bake like it's my job apparently! I took to the kitchen and drowned myself in finding delicious meals for us newly abandoned parents to enjoy! I started sharing my recipes on my personal Facebook page too, and that's when a friend suggested I start a blog. Thanks, Linda! Please take a moment to check out Linda's fantastic blog: Lime in the Coconut. She is such an inspiration!

Life Tastes Good is my 2nd baby and full-time job! My husband of over 25 years, Don, is the official taste tester and such a good sport! He will eat most anything!! Except those meatballs I made once where I subbed in fiber cereal for the breadcrumbs trying to be healthy. NOT a good idea! The dog wouldn't even go there!! Won't make that mistake again!!

When I started Life Tastes Good in 2012 it was all about ME, but it has grown into so much more. I hope to inspire you to eat at home to experience great new flavors while saving time and money too! Once you make cooking a habit, you'll be amazed at how easy it is and you might even like it!

I hope you enjoy the recipes and general chit chat here on Life Tastes Good. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks for visiting!



  1. You have great recipes and they don't require tons ingredients! Can't wait to try some.

  2. Stumbled here gawking at the hot chocolate with nutella! lovely little space in this blogosphere.. :-P

  3. Luv your site! Well done, and friendly too (like me, lol). Blessings and success to you in your empty nest journey! God never closes one door without opening another! <3

    1. That is so nice of you to say! Thank you so much for your kind words <3. The empty nest isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. It's quite nice once you get used to it ;), and I totally agree - God is good. Have a super week, Janet, and thank you so much for stopping by! Cheers ~Marion

  4. Hey! I made your meatball recipe last night. I woke up this morning to find that they are all gone! Midnight snack by my hubby! Thanks for sharing these recipes. I'm sure we'll enjoy many more.

    1. haha they don't last long around here either! I'm so glad you enjoyed the meatball recipe.


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