Aug 9, 2012

August 9th - August 15th

After having a couple of weeks off, it is back to reality for me!  

I really enjoyed my time in Seattle with Madison and the other Allstars. It was nice to have a break from real-life.  Funny thing - I missed my real-life just a teensy bit while away, but now that I'm home and trying to get caught up on everything, I realize how crazy that was!!

So here I sit at midnight making up my menu for the coming week, so I can get out to the grocery store tomorrow right after my work shift!  If I get to the grocery early I just might have time to get some cleaning and laundry done and who knows - maybe even get to the gym (hmmmm...not likely) before I'm back in the kitchen making dinner

This week my menu consists of mostly new recipes. As an Allstar I have some required tasks each month. They went easy on us this month and just asked us to make, review, and photograph 'faceless' recipes on the site. So, if the recipe doesn't have a photo it is fair game! I like having options and freedom to choose what sounds good to me. What I don't like too much, though, is most of the 'faceless' recipes don't have reviews (or have very few reviews).  I LOVE the review feature of! I think it is my favorite feature out of the many wonderful features the site offers. I have had a lot of good luck choosing recipes by reading through reviews, so how am I going to choose from all of these recipes that don't have very many reviews?? It's not easy, but so far I have made 4 'faceless' recipes and 3 of them have been GREAT!!  That's not bad!      sadly, many of my choices are not exactly healthy....

Thursday - Carbonara Quesadillas with a garden salad

Pre-Season Football! Friday - American French Onion Soup with a salad (I'm thinking Caesar would be good)

Saturday - Spicy Ginger Chicken Wings with homemade pizza (requested by Mads)

Sunday - Grilled Chicken with Peach Sauce (I will halve this chicken recipe) with rice pilaf 

Monday - leftovers

Wednesday - leftovers

Shopping List

French Bread (enough for 6 slices and extra for dipping)
4 crusty rolls

6 large yellow onions
3 serrano chili peppers
fresh ginger (enough for 1 tablespoon)
2 (10) ounce bags of baby spinach
2 peaches (if using on Sunday be sure to choose a firmer peach so it doesn't get overripe)
slivered carrots
fresh parsley
fresh rosemary
fresh thyme
1 (8 ounce) package sliced, fresh mushrooms
1 lemon
2 bags of salad

1 cup shredded extra-sharp cheddar (I like to buy a good quality cheese and shred it myself, but to save time the bagged cheese works - just don't get the fat-free because it doesn't melt right)
1 cup shredded monterey jack cheese
1 cup Manchego cheese shredded (Publix does sell this in a block in the cheese case near the deli - if you prefer you can substitute provolone cheese)
4 cups shredded mozzarella

Red Pepper Flakes

Dry Sherry
Sherry Vinegar
beef broth (need 4 cups)
chicken broth (need a total of 7.5 cups)
Olive Oil (I like the Lucina brand)
Alfredo Sauce (enough for 1 cup)
Large Flour Tortillas (at least 5)
apple cider vinegar
soy sauce
brown sugar
1 cups peach preserves
dijon mustard
white rice (enough for 1.5 cups uncooked)
salad dressing

Bridgford Ready Dough
bag frozen peas
3 lbs frozen chicken wings

4 skinless, boneless chicken breast
1lb thin chicken breast meat
bacon (14 slices)
3lb pork shoulder roast


  1. "faceless recipes"...that is funny! Nice choices, I am hankering for a good french onion soup...the kind where you cook the stock for a day....and gruyere...oh gruyere!

    Oh...and welcome back!

    1. thanks, Linda! Happy to be home (sort of) Wish I could have brought the beautiful Seattle weather with me!

      I am looking forward to that soup. This is an "Americanized" version. Different but still the same - we'll see how it goes.

  2. Well, the Carbonara Quesadillas were NOT for us. The flavor combo was just weird for us. I can't recommend those

  3. The 'Americanized French Onion Soup' was pretty good and easy to make. Definitely not the traditional, but it put a nice twist on a classic. We liked it ;o), and I plan on using some of the onions tomorrow to make french onion grilled cheese sammiches - yummmmm


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