How to Make Mini Fruit Tarts in 3 Easy Steps

It's EASY to decorate your dessert table with MINI FRUIT TARTS. I show you how to make my cream cheese fruit tarts in 3 easy steps that only takes a few minutes to prepare!

You'll fall in love with the flavor combo of fresh fruit, cheesecake filling, and graham cracker crust, and the festive colors make it perfect for holidays like the 4th of July and Memorial Day, but you can customize for any occasion!
Mini Fruit Tarts with sliced strawberries arranged in a star pattern and topped with fresh blueberries

Philly Cheese Steak Burger

Start summer the right way with this Philly Cheese Steak Burger on the menu! Our Philly Cheese Steak Burger is a gourmet burger recipe that will make a good first impression at your next BBQ!

In this article you'll find everything you need to make my gourmet Philly Cheese Steak Burger for your next BBQ.

I explain how to shop for and choose the best ingredients, how to form and season homemade burger patties, what kitchen tools you need, how to make this recipe on the grill, along with a video to show you how to cook your Philly Cheese Steak Burgers in a skillet for year round enjoyment.
Philly Cheese Steak Burger

Garlic Butter Sauce for Pasta

Garlic is the star in this quick and easy Garlic Butter Sauce for Pasta! Toss this sauce with your favorite pasta and enjoy simply with grated Parmesan and fresh parsley or pair with grilled chicken or seafood for a flavorful side perfect for weeknights.
A white bowl of pasta covered in Garlic Butter Sauce and topped with Parmesan cheese with a parsley garnish

Honey Baked Ham Recipe

A stunning Honey Baked Ham is a classic holiday centerpiece that is an easy recipe to make at home. It is a real crowd pleaser with a sweet, crispy brown sugar ham glaze atop the juicy, spiral sliced ham and a ham gravy that will have you reaching for a straw! It is that good!
A close up view of Honey Baked Ham Recipe with Brown Sugar Glaze dripping down spiral ham slices

Skillet Jambalaya Dip

Skillet Jambalaya Dip is a twist on the classic Louisiana Creole Dish. Using many traditional ingredients, this Mardi Gras appetizer recipe tastes just like Jambalaya, but is quicker and easier to make.
Finished skillet jambalaya dip. Someone is scooping some dip out of the skillet with a cracker.

Buffalo Chicken Pasta All In One Skillet

Buffalo Chicken Pasta made all in one skillet for an easy and delicious pasta recipe the whole family will love!

Buffalo Chicken Pasta is an easy pasta recipe, inspired by my Buffalo Ranch Chicken Dip. A cheesy pasta recipe ready in under 30 minutes that satisfies your family's cravings with the classic flavor combination of buffalo chicken and ranch dressing. Make it tonight!
Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Pasta in a skillet being served with a wooden spoon

Overnight French Toast Casserole

Overnight French Toast Casserole is just what you need to make your life easier during a busy week. Flavored with a hint of almond, this delicious french toast casserole is perfect to serve for weekend brunch.
Pouring syrup on Overnight French Toast Casserole on a white plate

9 Easy Dips You'll Absolutely Want to Make

Are you ready for your next party? If you are still trying to decide on what to make for your next party, I've got you covered with 9 easy dip recipes with cream cheese to help you get in the mood to plan your next big party!
Dip Recipes with Cream Cheese on Pinterest

French Toast Bagel

You can make French toast with more than just slices of bread! For something a little different, try this French Toast Bagel. Bagel halves soaked briefly on each side in a cinnamon vanilla custard, then fried in a skillet until golden brown.

Serve with whipped cream cheese and fresh fruit or transform into a breakfast sandwich for a more sweet/savory option.
French Toast Bagel breakfast sandwich with egg and melty cheese