Sep 13, 2021

Steamed Vegetables with Garlic Butter

Fresh Steamed Vegetables drizzled in a garlic butter sauce is a deliciously easy side dish perfect for any night of the week! These steamed veggies fit right in on your holiday table too, AND I even make this steamed veggies recipe just for snacking!
Freshly steamed vegetables in a silver dish with garlic butter being drizzled over

Sep 8, 2021

Quaker Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

Loaded with oatmeal and raisins, Quaker Oatmeal Cookies vanish almost as soon as they come out of the oven, which makes sense they are also known as Vanishing Oatmeal Cookie recipe! Chewy oatmeal raisin cookies have a soft texture and are best enjoyed warm right out of the oven.

Because we especially love our Quaker Oatmeal Cookies warm, I show you how to make the oatmeal cookie dough and freeze the dough balls for storing in the freezer. Then when you have a chewy cookie craving, all you have to do is bake just what you need, saving the rest for later.
Top view of Quaker Oatmeal Cookies on a blue plate with a glass of milk and a hand grabbing a cookie

Sep 6, 2021

Cornbread Recipe without Buttermilk

This Cornbread Recipe without Buttermilk will be your GO-TO, easy cornbread recipe. It is an easy recipe using simple ingredients you may already have on hand. No need to make a run to the store to pick up special ingredients!

This cornbread recipe is a little less dense than traditional southern cornbread, and a touch of honey adds just the right amount of sweetness. I recommend making this cornbread recipe in a cast-iron skillet for a nice crispy outside with a tender crumb and delicious inside that is cornbread perfection! A slice of my Cornbread Recipe without Buttermilk sitting on parchment paper in front of skillet

Sep 3, 2021

Orzo Pasta Recipe with Spinach and Parmesan

Orzo Pasta with Spinach and Parmesan is an easy recipe using fresh ingredients to maximize flavor. This orzo pasta recipe makes an impressive meatless meal or side dish, but orzo pasta recipes are super versatile, so just add chicken for a heartier dinner that's quick and easy any night of the week.
Orzo Pasta with Spinach and Parmesan

Jun 21, 2021

How to Make Mini Fruit Tarts in 3 Easy Steps

How to make MINI FRUIT TARTS in 3 easy steps - a NO BAKE dessert recipe perfect for summer, quick and easy, and looks like it's straight out of Martha Stewart's kitchen!

Mini fruit tarts filled with a brown sugar and cream cheese fruit dip and decorated with juicy, colorful fruit in a festive star pattern perfect for the 4th of July or other patriotic holiday.

This red, white, and blue easy dessert recipe is NO FUSS, NO BAKE, and confirms everyone’s suspicion that you are, in fact, Martha Stewart’s carbon copy.
Mini Fruit Tarts with sliced strawberries arranged in a star pattern and topped with fresh blueberries

Jun 3, 2021

Mango Jalapeno Salsa with Avocado

With just a few simple ingredients, this Mango Jalapeno Salsa with Avocado is truly easy to make! Homemade Mango Salsa is a little bit sweet, a little bit spicy, and a whole lot tasty!

I love the unique flavor of the mango combined with the heat of jalapeno pepper with hints of citrus from lime and cilantro, as well as the buttery texture of the creamy avocados. Fruit salsa is very versatile too! It isn't just for chips...
Close up of mango jalapeno salsa on a tortilla chip

Apr 27, 2021

Easy Taco Pie Recipe

My Easy Taco Pie recipe with tortillas is the perfect savory pie for those busy weeknights! This savory pie uses simple ingredients and is a budget-friendly, easy recipe ready in just 30 minutes!

Refried beans and seasoned ground taco beef baked between 2 large flour tortillas is topped with shredded cheese and fresh vegetables to create a Mexican inspired dish that is sure to be a family favorite! This easy taco pie bake with tortillas puts a fun spin on taco night.
Taco Pie slice being lifted out of pie plate
Serving up a slice of cheesy taco pie baked with tortillas

Apr 8, 2021

Cast Iron Chicken Breast (Pan Roasted)

My Cast Iron Chicken Breast recipe is a staple in our home, because it is super easy to pan roast with little prep time, so I can get it on the dinner table in a little more than 30 minutes.

A quick pan sear gets the skin nice and crispy and then the whole pan goes into the oven to roast the chicken breasts to juicy perfection. It is an easy two-step cooking process that gives me time to whip up a quick dinner salad for a healthy, budget-friendly meal everyone loves.
Cast Iron Chicken Breasts with crispy chicken skin pan roasted in a cast iron skillet

Mar 18, 2021

How To Cook Hot Dogs

Ask 3 different people and you'll most likely get 3 different answers about How To Cook Hot Dogs, but no matter how you cook your hot dogs, that first bite of summer always tastes the best.

In this article you will learn how to cook hot dogs five different ways. You will learn how to pan fry hot dogs, grill hot dogs, oven roast hot dogs, air fry hot dogs, and microwave hot dogs.