Aug 6, 2015

Homemade Rice Pilaf

Homemade Rice Pilaf is an easy side dish recipe that is loaded with fresh flavors, and it is decidedly better for you than boxed rice mixes!
Homemade Rice Pilaf | by Life Tastes Good is an easy side dish that is loaded with fresh flavors, and it is decidedly better for you than boxed rice mixes!

Do you ever struggle to figure out what to serve along side a protein? I sure do! Sometimes I am just not as creative as I'd like. I have no problem getting creative when planning a protein, but when it comes to side dishes I tend to go the easy route and serve a side salad. Can you say BORING?!! When the creative juices aren't flowing, but I don't want to eat yet another green salad, I reach for the rice!
Homemade Rice Pilaf is super easy to make and only takes about 25 minutes. I can put it along side just about any protein and everyone always loves this side dish! Don especially! If you have been reading my posts, you probably already know how much he loves rice. I could serve him rice every night and he'd be perfectly happy. It's almost daily he'll say to me "you know what would go great with this?" Yes, I know, honey, rice goes great with everything (the world according to Don haha).

Get the recipe for my Homemade Rice Pilaf along with my tips for making perfectly fluffy rice every time over on where I am a regular contributor. You might even learn something new, and slightly embarrassing, about me. I'm not embarrassed, but apparently I should be haha, according to my fam.

I hope you enjoy this easy-to-make side dish recipe you can have on the table in no time!

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