Jun 14, 2013

The Restaurant at Patowmack Farm - Lovettsville, VA

If you are ever in northern VA looking for something truly unique, I highly recommend a cooking class at Patowmack (Pat-O-Mack) Farm and Restaurant in Lovettsville.

This building is where all the magic happens - the kitchen!

While I was visiting my family recently, my sister humored me and agreed to attend a cooking class about an hour away from her home. When we arrived we couldn't believe the view! Just beautiful!

We got all checked in with the owner, Beverly, and waited for the other participants to arrive. Beverly encouraged us to take a look around, which we did with pleasure! Look at this beautiful gazebo!

The restaurant... I love the greenhouse look - everyone gets to enjoy the stunning view! 

Once everyone arrived, Beverly took us into the kitchen and introduced us to the chefs. After a brief intro to what we were going to do, we headed up the hill to the garden

The chefs gave us a tour and explained how everything is grown organically, and then we got to picking! We picked fresh vegetables and herbs and the chef collected eggs from the hens. Then it was back to the kitchen to clean everything up and enjoy a delicious organically grown, fresh meal.

The goats....

Some beans and beets....

This cooking class was done a little differently from their normal classes. I was expecting to do some actual cooking and learn some techniques, but instead the chefs did all the cooking and they sat us out on the beautiful patio in the gorgeous weather overlooking the stunning view! Can you believe they did that??!!  It was challenging to just sit there and enjoy a delicious meal (that's not really true), but I survived, and my sister said it was the most relaxed she has been in a long time!!  It truly was lovely and left a lasting impression. I can't wait to be back in VA again!!

We did help get all the veges ready, and Chef Chris showed us how to make a poached omelet. This was definitely new to me! I have poached eggs many times, but never in omelet form. He just whisked up some eggs and poured some into the boiling water (he stirred the water first so it would be swirling). He let that come back to a boil and then boiled for about a minute. Then removed it from the water and let the excess drain off and, VOILA, a light and fluffy omelet!

Our meal....

First course

Second Course - the Poached Omelet

Main Course - Roasted Chicken Thighs with fresh herbs and veges

Dessert Course - Strawberries and Beets with Goat Cheese and Balsamic

While we enjoyed this sumptuous meal, Beverly explained how this all started. She wanted to farm, so she purchased this beautiful property and started farming. She found herself with more veges than she could eat, so she started hosting large dinner parties in her barn on the weekends. At that time she was doing all the work herself. She was the first to do this farm to table type dinners and it didn't go unnoticed! After a nice write up about her dinner parties, the phone started ringing off the hook and she was booked solid! That's when she got the idea to put an actual restaurant on her property. She explained it took 3 years to get the town to agree to it and the rest is history...

The Patowmack Farm and Restaurant is truly a unique experience that should not be missed! If you go for dinner, brunch, or for a cooking class you are surely to enjoy the warm hospitality, delectable food, and stunning view.

Although, this is a special occasion restaurant for me, I will definitely be paying Beverly and Chef Chris a visit each time I am in Virginia. After all, just being in VA is a special occasion, right?

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