Jul 11, 2014

Grilled Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Grilled Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is like eating Buffalo Wings but the bun keeps your hands clean! How great is that?!
Grilled Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Recipe | by Life Tastes Good is like eating Buffalo Wings but the bun keeps your hands clean! How great is that? #Sandwich #GrilledChicken #BuffaloWings

Another great thing about eating your wings in sandwich form is being able to add different layers of flavors such as arugula like I used on my sandwich!

I just love the addition of the arugula. It added a nice crunch which is essential in any respectable sandwich, but it also lends an extra level of spiciness that was just right!

We're not huge fans of bleu cheese, so when we eat buffalo wings, we like to dip them in ranch dressing. Yep, we're weird like that, so I used ranch dressing on this sandwich. It was perfect to bring the coolness and oh so yummy, but I'm sure if you love bleu cheese that would work well too!

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Grilled Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Recipe | by Life Tastes Good is like eating Buffalo Wings but the bun keeps your hands clean! How great is that? #Sandwich #GrilledChicken #BuffaloWings
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Grilled Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Life Tastes Good
Published 07/11/2014
Grilled Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Recipe


  • 3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts cut in half
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 teaspoon paprika
  • 1 teaspoon chili powder
  • olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 1/2 cup Frank's Red Hot Sauce
  • 6 buns - I used potato rolls for hamburgers
  • Arugula
  • Tomatoes, sliced thinly
  • Onions, sliced thinly
  • Ranch Dressing


  1. Heat an outdoor grill or a grill pan to 375 degrees F. I used my grill pan, so the directions will say grill pan from here on out, but it is pretty much the same for an outdoor grill. Combine 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt, 1/4 teaspoon pepper, 1 teaspoon paprika, and 1 teaspoon chili powder. Mix the seasonings together to combine and sprinkle on both sides of each chicken breast to coat. Spray the chicken breast with olive oil or drizzle on. I use the Misto Olive Oil Sprayer. It works great!
  2. Lightly spray the heated grill/grill pan with olive oil and place chicken breast in the grill pan and cover. Let them do their thing for 5 minutes without interruption. You want to let them sear nicely without moving them around. Set the timer! Then flip them over and cook, covered, another 5-6 minutes until the juices run clear and they are cooked to 160 degrees F. and no longer pink inside. Use an instant read thermometer to check the temperature for safety. Remove from grill pan and let rest for 10 minutes.
  3. Melt 2 tablespoons unsalted butter and combine with 1/2 cup Frank's Red Hot Sauce. Give it a taste and add salt as needed. It will be spicy, but I recommend giving this a try before adjusting the heat as the dressing will help cool it down a bit.
  4. Spray inside of buns with olive oil and toast under the broiler until golden brown.
  5. Get your buns, arugula, tomatoes, onions and ranch dressing ready to assemble. Place augula on bun bottoms as much or as little as you like. Dip the chicken in the hot sauce, allowing excess to drip off just a bit and place each chicken breast on top of arugula and top with ranch dressing, tomato slices, and onion slices. Place the bun top on and enjoy!
Yield: 6 Servings
Prep Time: 10 mins.
Cook time: 20 mins.
Total time: 30 mins.

Tags: Buffalo, Chicken, Sandwich, Grilled, Frank's Red Hot Sauce, Spicy, vegetables, Ranch Dressing, buns, Buffalo Wings

recipe inspired by: Rachel Ray's Hot Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches


  1. O M G! That looks to die for. That looks like a big messy Buffalo Chicken Burger. I don't know if you will keep your hands clean eating that burger. It looks amazing. And I love the text that Madison added. It looks wonderful. Thanks for another fantastic recipe, as usual.

    1. haha Believe it or not it wasn't as messy as it looks, but who cares, right?! Madison is going to be home for a day, so I plan on making this for her! Besides I've been craving to have it again! Thanks for stopping by, Michele!

  2. Oooey, yummy and would be all over my face. I have a tiny mouth. The Hubby would have no problem devouring it. But maybe I'll make it a test my theory. He would love that! I'm off to pin and stumble!

  3. These look fantastic! Did they taste as good as they look? Thank you for sharing!

    (Good job, Madison!)

  4. How weird! I took chicken breast out for tomorrow's dinner without a clue as to what to do with them. This link appears almost out of nowhere...and I have all the ingredients (we prefer Ranch dressing too!) - perfect storm! Looking forward to enjoying these sandwiches while we watch the playoffs - thanks!

    1. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing that with me!! I hope you love them as much as we do!! Have a great day!! ~Marion

  5. Thanks for this. Such an easy weeknight meal.


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